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62_jazz1.jpg (9915 bytes)

'63 L-series Fender Jazz Bass with original Jazz PUs. Serial No. L21480
 Extensively modified with a reshaped headstock ('72), added Precision PU (Seymour Duncan Antiquity Vintage), Bartollini NTBT preamp, Schaller bridge and tuners, and brass nut. I bought this stock in excellent condition with original case in '70.
Notice that the PU spacing is much tighter than the later JPJ copies from Fender Sig series.

Jazz_mini_V.jpg (17800 bytes)

Mini V Traveler Bass
Spirit XP-2 modified with Seymour Duncan Vintage Jazz and EMG Precision PUs

Fernandes Gravity 4 fretless. Sweet sounding bass with a nice singing tone. 

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Jack Casady Signature - Gold finish R98G 0986
This is a bass that the more I play it, the more I really get to know and love it.
The trick to this bass is roll off low end on the amp to get a clear tone from the bass.
If it weren't for the size of this axe, I would have it be my traveling bass in a heart beat!

American Standard
H. N. White Company
Made in Cleveland, Ohio
No 2045
Cleveland American Standard URB made in 1950 according to .   
I've owned this instrument since '75. Rosewood fingerboard added, upgraded tuners, neck joints reglued and repaired. Has an Underwood PU.
The world was very different when they made this axe...

Washburn 8 string probably from the 70's or early 80's. Octave strings are tuned at the bridge end.
Really long strings are needed for the through the body stringing.
Raga bass at it's best!