Patrick Trujillo R.I.P.
June 1954 – August 2011

A Memorial Mass for Patrick will be held on September 24th, Saturday at 11:00am at 
St. Joseph's Catholic Church, 435 Monterey Ave., Capitola Ca. (831) 475-8211.

In August 2011 we lost Patrick suddenly to cancer. This is now a memorial page for our good friend and musical partner.

Gigging since the age of 12 and moving to Santa Cruz 1980. Patrick performed with original bands Night Patrol and The Urge in which he wrote all the songs. The lead singer was Janet Kirkur who sang for the Chain of Fools band. She was the girlfriend of their drummer Jimmy Fox who later went on to play with the Doobie Brothers. The Urge opened for the Doobies for a couple of years. Later Patrick played with Jimmy Fox in a band called Metro Bop. After that it was a classic hits band named Kilgore Trout, Deep Pocket, Paradise with Rick Walker and Warren Paradise, Nancie Fox with Paul Logan, Hog Wild with Rick Browning and Larry Hosford. Patrick was a member of the Road Hogs for approximately six years adding his unique approach to soloing and good time musical humor. He left us way too soon....

Aug 25 Nancy wrote:
Wish heaven had a phone. So I could hear your voice again. I thought of you today but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All I have are memories and a picture in a frame. Your memory is a keepsake from which I'll never part. God has you in his arms, I have you in my heart. I miss you all the time! ♥

Aug 27 Neil wrote:
Patrick had an uncanny ability to play so tastefully… his parts in the groove were always so supportive, dynamic, shreddy, and most of all, surprising. His solos were completely unpredictable, and reminded me of some sort of "side door" or abstract painting. Patrick was original, powerful, dynamic and supportive as a player. Patrick and I had an unspoken agreement about how to play music that went on for the years we played together. We didn't have to talk about how to play stuff much at all. We played, we looked at each other, things were invented off the cuff, and we locked in every time. It was as tho we had wires that were hooked up to the inside of each others brains. You want to talk about fun! So fun! On top of all of the above, Patrick was easily the most versatile guitarist I've ever played with. You name it, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Swing, Ska, Reggae, World Beat, Pat had mastered all of these styles, was supportive when he played them, and on top of all of that, chose tones that fit each tune and style perfectly. A master at his craft of music, and so many other things including Cooking, humor, and just being a kind, and generous human being. Patrick is one of the coolest guys I've ever met, and jammed with. A true friend that will be missed every day.

Patrick Joseph Trujillo
June 11, 1954 – August 10, 2011
Even now
The crows migrate home from the fields, as the sun falls from view
The bumble bee laden with pollen nuzzles in, making love to the lily
The wind blows through the trees, leaves sing their song
The Lazuli Bunting plucks worms from the earth
The hummingbird climbs and dives for his mate Life continues while our broken hearts grieve
For one last glimpse of your smiling face, your tender ways
Who will call me doll and blow kisses through the phone
I will always remember you little brother
Love always and forever

Charlie Giordano
This ones for Pat and his long to live legacy. Thnks for all the knowledge, advice, and countless memories. i will never forget. u taught me so much and encouraged me to do things i would of never found myself. from gettng me to pick up a mandolin to all the guitar chords and jam sessions u did with me i can not find the right words to show my gratitude towards u. u were more of a grandfather to me then my own gradfather and did so many wonderful things for me and my family. will miss you so much. Love yu!

Dear Grandpa Pat,
We miss you very much! I miss you but not as much as other people becuse I know ur still with us. Now ur out new angel to look over us. You were a very funny, smart, entertaining and inspiring person. You did'nt deserve this but God sent you becuse ur a strong, loving person and God knows that you would be a good worrior. When people die thier mostly strong so they can turn into warriors to look over their loving families. So Grandpa Pat I love you very much and will know you're looking down on us and protecting us to keep us safe. So thank you and make sure you vistit Nana every night in her dreams. We Love You Grandpa Pat! ? by,

Aug 31 Linda wrote:
It is not often that someone walks into your life and becomes a friend and brother so quickly. With Patrick's love of music and love of life we could not help being drawn into his precious circle of friends and family. We are still stunned and saddened daily but we are also grateful for the time we had with him and Nancy. He is always in our hearts and always will be. God bless you and keep playing for friends and family that are there with you. Music will play here, food will be shared and friendship will go on but Sunday family dinners will never be the same.

Sept 1st Chris wrote:
My dear friend and brother I never had, Patrick Trujillo, left us on August 10th 2011 with his loving family and friends beside him. It's not fair that such a beautiful soul had to leave us so soon. I cannot express how much I will miss my bro. Pat gave me the gift of music and I have been privileged to have played with him - including what I call his “Pat-riginals” - on almost a weekly basis. Our music here will never ever be the same. Pat was and forever will be "The Show". We have all been blessed with Patrick and his wonderful family in our lives. He was so caring and always thought of everyone before himself. My friend always made Cream Puffs and Kabocha Pie (very similar to Pumpkin Pie but much better) for my birthday. These were the best I ever had. He had a knack for making his friends feel so special. Pat will never be forgotten and will be sorely missed by all. I listen to his last voicemail to me almost daily. At this time I cannot let this go as it still comforts me to hear his voice and his humor. Rest in peace my brother. I will cherish the short time we had together forever.

From Nick Trujillo:
Pat was my cousin, but more like my brother. In fact, I called him my cousin-brother. An amazing musician, a total jock, a talented cook, and, most importantly, a loving husband, family member, and friend. He will be missed.
A few years ago his brother videotaped a jam that a few of us did at a party. Pat's guitar solo is amazing, as usual. Enjoy: