Bass Lessons by Professional

Bass Lessons by a Professional who is an accomplished teacher

Electric (fretted and fretless) and Upright - All Styles 

40+ years of gigging experience and 15+ years teaching students of all ages

Lessons tailored to each student

Web page with examples of basic class examples

Take your playing to where you want to be

Experience: Butler University and Springfield Youth Symphonies, Dick Clark Productions and It's A Beautiful Day

Teaching  in Downtown Santa Cruz, 2nd & 4th Mondays. 
$50 - 1 hour

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My approach is to assess a student’s skill level in several areas and then find out what they want to achieve from lessons and their playing of the bass. From there I cover techniques and topics that will help the student achieve their goals. My goal is work with you every other week for four to ten sessions to get you self sufficient to learn your instrument and then take lessons as you reach your plateaus and feel a need more instruction.

I do initially stress proper hand positions and provide several exercises that will facilitate achieving that. I personally believe a basic knowledge of scale modes and key signatures is part of a foundation needed to get beyond rudimentary playing. After that, the sky is the limit as to where you want to go. As for soloing “flash”, I can show you some tapping/slapping techniques that are good for getting attention and show/discuss styles used by known greats such as Jack Casady, Jack Bruce, Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, Ray Brown, and many others.

Please email if you would like to discuss further.
Song Forms
Classical techniques for Upright (hand positions, bowing/arco, pizzicato)
Care, maintenance, restringing, and setting intonation
How to purchase an instrument
Basic reading skills (Staff, Chord Charts, TAB)
Various concepts of Improvisation
How electronics can affect your sound to enhance various style
Rhythmic development
Developing bass lines
How to play with a band and make others sound good
How to play "in the pocket" making the music groove

Lessons include:

how to hold the bass
right and left hand techniques
using fingers, pick, slap and tap, French or German bows (upright bass)
music theory
scales and modes
time signatures
chord progressions
rhythmic exercises
walking bass lines
song forms
writing charts
ear training
fundamental musicianship
steady time (your inner rhythm)
Listening (inner and outer)
rhythm exercises
how to count
internalized metronome
accuracy in phrasing
swing feeling
creating bass lines
expanding your musical vocabulary
hearing long phrases
(2 bar, 4 bar, 8 bar, 16 bar, 32 bar)
call and response
rhythmic aspects
harmonic aspects
how to read chord charts
Standard progressions
recognizing intervals
diatonic exercises
chromatic exercises
walking bass lines
starting with bass lines
starting with melody lines
starting with chord progressions
soloing over chord changes
creating grooves on the spot
soloing on a theme
how to play fills
survey of musical literature
analyze and assimilate bass lines from recordings
transcription (learning by ear)
communication with band
counting off tunes
music jargon
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